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Unfortunately, my days on these forums are over. While some say I deserve whatever, NO one deserves having their family stalked and children contacted via social media. No one deserves for some deranged lunatic to hunt down a spouse for the mere purpose of trying to ruin a marriage.

During my separation in 2016, I spoke to someone for two months on FB IM. I was going thru hell and needed someone who wouldnt judge me, to listen. Fast forward two months and I realize said individual is taking things a lil too serious and cut all contact. This individual has been terrorizing / stalking / obsessing ever since. He’s chopped my disabled child’s picture then progressed to contacting my adult son on social media. The final straw was a friend of mine being bullied by said psychopath into giving up info on my spouse. I subjected my family to a deranged individual online and now I have to stop the madness before it gets any worse. Let this be a lesson to everyone…be careful who you trust.


I’m sorry this has happened to you. I hope this person stops harassing you sooner rather than later.


I’m sorry to hear it also. I know what it’s like to make bad choices about whom to trust online.


Don’t they have some pretty severe stalkin laws out there where you live?


Holy shit Flea, sorry to hear that


I’d at least like to see the chops, all things being equal.


Oh Roose…so tacky.


WHen they leave you always have to make them poast one moar time Starlın.


Good point.

Carry on.


That really sucks. IMO, if that is someone who comes here, it would be a public service to identify the person. Stalking is a crime.


You know what’s a crime is people giving perfect strangers access to their personal information online.


That’s kind of like saying if you get drunk and then get raped, the crime was you getting drunk.

Giving out PI is stupid. Using it illegally is a crime.


Well ya know, I wasn’t really using “crime” in the legal sense there, but okay then…stupid.


If she was poasting on FB, the boards are blameless.


Social media doesn’t stalk people, only people stalk people.


But seriously, sorry this is happening to you and your family. Be safe.


What the hell is wrong with a telephone, huh? email even?
I have never understood the need for these social media sites like MySpace and FB, and the others where kids are lured by predators etc. I am happy to be of the old way.


Shouldn’t there be background checks before you can purchase a 'puter and post? It’s only common sense.


I was using “crime” in both the legal sense and the more symbolic sense relating to ethics.


Is there no point at which a person must accept responsibility for their own carelessness?