It's hot out


105 at the moment



Our a/c is out. Intolerable!


I have an outside job all day tomorrow :neutral_face:


Weaklings - how did humans ever survive?


By not commuting and going to stupid jobs we invented.

They were in natural pools, lakes, rivers and the beach when it was this hot.


I drove over to the valley today, it was HOT like 85! Is good to be back where it’s about 68.


Oh, well, goody for you. Now STFU.



Northeast Michigan checking in


Sorry ii guess it’s 72, I think the windchill just made it “seem” like 68.


I think this warm n dry spell should make it out your way next week, very possibly, probably.


Maybe it will thaw his butt that’s stuck to some chair. He can’t seem to make it to the other cindybin site to clean that shit up and do his friends a solid.


unless they were in Fresno or Black Rock City and hot af, all of the time.


I’ll be on the lookout. Juneteenth will only be 68º up here


I have tried to log back in and have gotten zero help from the proboards people. There’s your update.


It was hotter here than in the CV, by about 3 degrees.


Sometimes our weather heads right at you, but there is that occasional illegal alien weather from either Canada or yer Mexico that fouls up the normal flow of American Weather;the best weather in history.


True, that El Niño sure sounds like a furrin’ thing dunnt.


GD right!


I don’t care if El Nino comes here legally, but when it just blows over the border like it’s some strange abstraction and come in here and screws up everything? Someone must pay! Trump is expected to announce a 10% tariff on Mexican weather.