It's Kamala


She’ll be on the ballot in all 50 states. Every election 3rd party gets more and more votes. I won’t be guilted into voting for a man who goes against every single core belief I have. I cannot do it. I’d rather look to the past and think “well, I’m not the reason shits bad like this, I voted for the one that blah blah blah”.

It’s YOUR decision to vote for these pukes. Not mine.


I’ve already put you down for “will keep insisting otherwise” so there’s little use in you expressing the same opinion six or eight moar times. No medal will be awarded. Go ahead and show off your freedom by wasting your vote. I think those of us oner forty have a different opinion about how best to interface with the microscopic crumbs of freedom this election actually offers.


I am curious, though, if Biden has all the answers to fix things, why has he voted against those answers in the past and why didn’t he try to fix them when he was a VP?




And why the fuck does Biden want to violate the 2nd Amendment?

(YES, I know… Trump has been proven to be more anti gun than Obama was.)


Kamala’s Parents


I see an Indian and a Jamaican, making her incredibly multi cultured! And partially black, as she claims.


I had read that due her Indian sourced mom, she can claim Caucasian too. I’m guessing Dad isn’t or wasn’t a purebred either.


There are probably answers to your questions, having nothing to do with Kamala of course, and moreover they are beside the point. The point is this, at least to me, since I was going to voat for Biden regardless of his VP choice EVEN though he wasn’t my first choice to be the dem candidate:

It’s like, when I need a ride across town I don’t call the limo company and ask them what color the driver’s hair will be, or if she has nice tits, or what is stocked in the limo’s wet bar.

In fact I don’t call the limo company at all since I don’t have that kind of dough. No, I call Uber or I call the local cab company. It’s doubtful I’ll enjoy the ride either way I choose, but then it’s just a way to get across town so I can have a life that doesn’t require me to argue about shit that don’t matter.


Your analogy makes sense, except the limo company is calling you for a free ride.


I don’t believe them.


And you believe someone who’s proven to vote for laws that hurt people?


Your analogy fails. You’re comparing a hypothetical limo company which we both accept, to your febrile imagination about what I believe…and at the same time showing that the limo analogy whooshed right over yer head.


Okay. Lol anything you say.



Sorry I was going to take the night off, but… this just came over the wire, I thought you would want to know.


Oof, that’s a lot of toxicity.




Sounds about right, I posted this the other day