It's Kamala




Hmmm, I see the goal posts are on wheels, and motorized.


The only goal post here, which has a ball in the net, is that both Republican and Democrat candidates are pieces of shit and unfit for service for a multitude of reasons.

But keep voting for the pukes who got us into this economic and social state. It’s your vote- not mine.


Is this is a “thank GOD Biden is touching me!” face?


Now, I think the goal posts have rockets on 'em


Why? Because I respect people and their individual spaces and expect others to aswell?

Weird that you don’t.


Funny how Trump lickers alway forget this



I guess if it’s mutual it’s ok.


Obviously you haven’t followed anything I said.
I said both parties were at fault, and both were not okay. You’re an absolute fucking idiot if you can’t see that- especially if you’ve actually read my posts.

You’re just all Biden worshipers- so he’s going to be the subject of discussion. Pointint fingers to Trump is fruitless when we all agree Trump is shit. It’s just an admittance of guilt on your own side by pointing fingers at Trump for doing similar things.

But continue, I guess… you think touching kids and women who don’t wanna be touches is okay- you’ll even vote for it.


Who says I don’t respect space?


You’re voting for someone who refuses to.

Says a lot about you.


It says that I think Trump is worse.

He made sexual comments to the 15 year old daughter of Michael Cohen. In front of her father for fuck’s sakes.

So, all other things being equal. I’d rather support Biden. Say what you want, you’re the twisted one here, not me.


How am I twisted? It’s not a 2 party election. You vote for the piece of shit if you want.


So you are admitting your “pedo” track was a red herring. Thanks for your surrender.


You’re mind is filthy. You see sexuality where there is none.


The pivot was huge.

Kind of like this “subtle” yawn by Ryan Reynolds.


Your mind is filth. You dismiss sexuality when it’s there.

Yes, Biden touching children in inappropriate places is pedophillic.


No, that means my mind is clean. When I see a granddad kissing his granddaughter, I see affection.


When I see an old man touch the breast of a young girl, I don’t see affection… unless you want to assume it’s sexual affection.


Why do you hate Kanye, are you racist?