It's That Time Of The Year Again


The supermarkets are using fat, juicy Northwest Cherries to lure in customers. $1.88 a pound :yum:


… and, much as I love those, it reminds me that in some parts of the North people are now enjoying Loganberries as well.


Coincidentally I had my INR test yesterday and my number was 4.9. I never had a number like that before, it’s usually about 2.3. After grilling the nurse asked me if I had had any cherries lately. I said yup. She said that that explained it, that they had had quite a few high numbers the last few weeks.

Thankfully I wasn’t in a plane crash that morning, I might have bleed to death.


INR?? Please elaborate.


Clotting time.


Thanks. Not sure I’ve ever had that test.

I know that clotting is a complex process that requires a Cascade of events, any single one of which is crucial. As long as I’m getting a CBC every couple of weeks, and it says my thrombocytopenia continues unremittingly, there’s no need checking INR which would be off the scale anyway.


I am A-Fib and blood thinners help to prevent a stroke or a heart attack. I am on Warfarin to prevent this. Warfarin, by the way, was invented for the purpose of creating a rat poison. LOLOLOL

An INR of 1 means that your clotting rate is normal. 2 means that your blood takes twice as long to clot. 3 means that it takes 3 times as long, etc. etc…