I've never felt anxious till now


Between my move in date with my girlfriend on the 5th and my applications for management, this is a new feeling. I’ve never been an anxious person… but now I know the feeling. :joy:
The fate of my relationship and possibility of a 50k/year pay raise is… a lot to handle… jesus christ.


That’s a lot of stuff happening, exciting stuff ! gl with both!

Just keep calm, hope for the best and be ready for all outcomes. Congrats on even being considered for a mgmt gig, so wow!


I honestly feel incredibly under qualified, but my generation was raised on Microsoft Office so it’s an easy check the box for a decade of tech use… and military times as an NCO counts for leadership and management experience… we’ll see. I’m just a GED holder though… :wink:


Look at it as positively as possible, worst case scenario you go through the process and don’t make the cut this time, unless you somehow fuck up and look like a clown during this promotion attempt, you will have put yourself a couple brownie points ahead of the pack for the next opportunity, put youself on the radar as it were, and also learned the areas on your cv that you should focus on checking off going forward.

Not to mention learning how to “sell” yourself in an interview, if there are interviews find out everything you can about them and train for them video your self explaining some facets of yourself etc build a script

I recommend the soft undersell approach on this, but tooting your own horn discretely around the peeps that matter on occasion does not hurt, if it is verifiable., ie people higher up than you that might have an influence on your future.



I know a guy moved a 1000 miles, got married and changed jobs all within 3 days


Sure, but that doesn’t make significant life changes any less stressful.


Not to worry, that’s actually normal. Fortunately, for management training, the final stage is when they drill a hole in your head and take out half your brains. You should be able to skip that part.





Also, one of the best managers I ever had in the tech industry started as a manufacturing grunt and worked his way up. He’d never gone to college. I think you’d do okay.


Being anxious is a good thing. It means you actually care
about your relationship with your girlfriend, and doing a good job
at work.

Too many confident people are actually arrogant and really don’t
give a shit about anyone else, and can’t be bothered to earn anything
by working for it.

I’m gonna say you’ve got this, and it’ll work out even if there are
bumps along the way.

But what matters is how you feel and what you do about it.

Take a deep breath, enjoy the ride, kiss the girl, and keep working as
if nothing has been decided.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for you. :crossed_fingers:


Thanks for the support dudes ( and gals) :sunglasses:


Good luck! Your luck may be turning around from last year’s bad luck. That’s life dude, ups and downs. Looks like your on your way back up.


Don’t worry about the job. Concentrate on the girlfriend.

As heinlein put it, take care of the cojones and the frijoles will take care of themselves.


Success is when preparation meets opportunity.


Mostly moved into the new apartment, I’ve gotten a couple messages back from Boeing Defense, but nothing from BCA. Although I am still under consideration for all roles.


I figured someone would probably ask to see the apartment, this is the only picture I have right now… just picture the rest of the place is boxes :slight_smile:


Looks nice and clean, decent colors. Is that the “Living room”?


That’s the “dining area”, we have a bar, work opposite schedules and are used to eating at a coffee table anyway. The living room is opposite this picture.


This is the floor plan, but ours is opposite. We’ll be using 2nd bedroom as a craft room / guest room. ~930 sq ft. Not too big, not tiny.


That’s a nice size, enough rooms for one to have a bit of privacy when po’d, and room for “stuff”.