I've never felt anxious till now


Do not underestimate the importance of this.


This is why we opted for a 2BR instead of a studio… we figured it’d be worth it, even with paying $600/mo more.


Still a bit messy, I hung the TV yesterday (which needs loosened up and jostled a little to level it), and most of the boxes are in the 2nd bedroom for the moment. Kitchen is mostly set up but the counters have become storage for random crap lol



TV is too high

my two cents


Agree on the tv, also I don’t see a single “Eat, Pray Love” thingamabob on any of the walls.


And no flags and trump hats and CC stuff


It 's not going be enjoyable looking up at yer TV


Gonna get a crick in your neck, and when you complain about it people are gonna ask how’s the fishin’


My ex left me over the crick issue.


hows that


TV is perfect for when you’re legs are up on the recliner. It’s angled down. And it’s eye level from the kitchen :slight_smile:


She had a deep abiding love for the spoken word, she found my colloquialisms troubling.


Think about one of these prints maybe out in the dining room area or above the mantel.



And or this one too.



Dat made me spit up my beer

I think the wall will be full of trumps and turtles


Ah. My wife is more tolerant of this, she knows that bad puns are how eye roll.


I was thinking of one of these


Bernie is a fucking douchebag

Number 2 on the list behind the cunt


Atleast Bernie isn’t a terrorist :wink:


David, I’m at checkout, I need your address.

De nada, it’s just a simple housewarming present for you, and your live in maid.