Joe... lmao


I meant, in November. CA already voted.


I’m okay with him earning votes that are given of free will.

Stop whining already, America doesn’t want Bernie.


America is so smart we put ourselves into a TP shortage and elected Trump.

You’re not saying a lot.


America also elected Obama and Jimmy Carter.

I still haven’t ventured out to buy TP btw. I know this isn’t a cholera epidemic.


We bought enough for us. Exactly what we normally buy.

I feel like all the idiots are gonna try to return all their stuff to Costco once the shit is over.

Hopefully Costco suspends all pandemic related returns.


It would be great if Costco did that. lol

They won’t though.


I bought a 9pk of mega rolls, a
week or so ago, that I haven’t
cracked open yet.

I was just getting a little low, and
thought it prudent to get it maybe
a week earlier than I would have

Good thing I did. The only shit paper
left in town is the newspaper.