Just in case anyone of of you mfers wonder why I joined the United Sates Navy!


(The US Navy has Determined that no homo-ertotica or any of it’s variation were" promoted" in this
feature film)

“I did, in '09? was I drunk at the time?”



Exactly and adults keep the sea lanes open, next.


Do they… do they really… I thought they just ran into each others ships :slight_smile:


That’s just for funsies tho.


I guess stealing the Marines glory and conducting the biggest amphibious landing the universe has ever seen was our funsies


True dat, but the Marines earned their keep in the Pacific, and it was their actions in Korea that Kept Truman from folding them into the Army. (Why the fuck we need two Armies?)


Earned their keep so well that the Army went into the Pacific to help them out… and then again in Fallujah.


And on another note, the Army has stepped up their commercial game.


I have noticed that the Army ads have been focusing on the “Warrior” angle, than the Job Skills Program it had been portraying the last several years.


lol you talk like you were there but in reality you’re just a national guard member… wanna be GI Joe… please don’t shoot up any malls today, ty… :stuck_out_tongue:


Guard does better at most competitions and gets assigned better roles down range and comes back with fewer casualties… not that I’ve been deployed, but as an entire culture, minus the fly-over states, statistically we’re better.


Stop talking like you invaded Normandy, you’re just a NG weekend warrior lol…


You’re like those sports fans that act like “They” won the game… you didn’t win shit moron, you sat your fat ass on the couch. :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re awfully hostile for someone who’s never even raised a weapon. :man_shrugging: Can’t be proud of my fellow service members? Okay… not sure what kinda ignorant thinking that is.


What’s next, fake medals?


Clearly you’ve lost this conversation.


Tell more about how YOU won the Korean war… :stuck_out_tongue:


Where did I ever say “me”? I mentioned my service everytime, but never myself.

You might wanna read things again.