Just like Duke said


They’ll keep enacting more and more legislation, taking more and more rights as they see their gun control garbage doesn’t actually reduce crime.


Why are these people so idiotic? Or are they intelligent and it’s about control and suppression of The People, not gun control? How very Nazi of the left. :thinking:


I do agree with limiting high capacity mags

I would set a limit

about 1000 or so


No one needs 1001 bullet at once

Heavy anyway


When I was in the army we was told to move a giant box of 50 cal barrels
well no two guys could fucking budge it

there was this guy SICK - that was his nickname - come over and picked it up and did it by himself

Well no one, and I mean no one fucked with SICK

cept fer me cause I used to party with him


I carry 2 at a time, no more lmao



Fake news
IL and CA on the bottom? Lmao



Doesn’t fit your narrative, so it’s fake. Hmmm, who does that sound like?


Wiggity whut.

Tell me how making a Ruger 10/22 an assault rifle and banning “high cap mags” prevents murder, suicide, NDs, etc


So the CDC is full of shit and you know better than the statistics.



So you aren’t gonna answer my question