Kaepernick's gesture gaining traction, CONs



Most fans are fair weather fans (like me) look for pics of the stadium for winning teams, like the Pats, or the Chiefs etc, I’m sort of watching the Seahawks playing the Marcus Mariota Titans in Nashville, and Nissan Stadium looks mostly full.


I think the fate of the Rams is a separate issue having to do with owner greed. To the extent that owner greed is part of the reason for overbuilding huge stadiums it is also at fault in other locations.

However, owner greed is a different matter than racial injustice even if the Great Orange Pumpkin is too fukkin obtuse to think so. Cons getting their talking points from that buffoon have failed before they touch the keyboard.



You caught one.:smile:


Interesting. Not being a fan I was under the impression that most games were sold out.

I prefer a rough and tumble game of croquet:


Interesting you would mention croquet: once in my energetic youth, I enjoyed a game of full contact croquet with a young lady of my acquaintance, and it was a fulfilling event for us both.


Nascar joins the convo





Pops pipes up.



Shannon Sharpe rips the NFL owners for their “unity” this late in the conversation.

There are a few articles out with the vid, but C&L provides some of the text of his statement in case you don’t feel like watching the vid.


I’m pretty unimpressed by Sharpe’s thoughts, myself…and also with his odd style of rhetoric.

Personally, I don’t expect ethics or morality from the NFL, any more than I expect them from Pfizer or Bayer AG. But the unanimity seems appropriate and I’ll settle for that.

It could be the owners were advised by their lawyers, “Look, you took millions from Obama to add the pre-anthem lineup to the game, so maybe Trump really thinks he has the authority to tell you how it’s supposed to be done. He doesn’t really, but since you’ve given the Feds a sort of minority interest here, maybe you should be kind of careful what sort of statements you make.”


And there you have it.







North Korea said today that since president Trump has declared war on the country, it has the right to shoot down U.S. strategic bombers even when they are not inside their air space border. ”Oh, no you don’t,” said Trump to a black athlete kneeling.