Killyanne says media should stop covering Trumpf's twits



Drumpf has stated that his twits are the only way he can get “real news” out. If he’s gonna react to the media, why shouldn’t the media also respond?

Fukkin snowflake


Womens hate Kellyanne because she’s beautiful.


LMAO. What she’s saying is this: “My boss is a psycho. I can’t get him to stop tweeting. Please make my life easier and stop covering his tweets!”


The trumplings can’t have it both ways. Either:

a) trumpstweets are his own statements, bypassing “the media” and speaking directly to the public, or;

b) they are the childish tantrums of a psycho, to be ignored or at least to be treated as unrepresentative of the administration’s positions.

Actually, come to think of it, they could have it both ways.


More trouble in paradise…


I wonder if Team Trump is still thinking about hiring him?


I think he just quit a job at the “Justice” Department like 2 days ago…


Someone created a bot to convert Trump twits into official WH releases.