Kramer The Cat 2000-2018


Never thought I’d be a wreck over a cat but I’ve been bawling for days. Got him in 2003 when he was 3 years old from the humane society, mostly because this girl I was dating loved cats and wanted one around when she was at my place. We went to the animal shelter to look at cats and I asked them if they had any that were already declawed… they left us standing back there with the cats while they checked things out and a cute girl came in to tend to them and she comes in saying KRRAAAAMER, he turned out to be one of the two who were already declawed. He was living in a little box of the space, I guess they couldn’t put him in the big cat room cause he didn’t play well with others. They said he had been some old lady that died’s cat first and then he had been adopted and brought back once or twice.

Anyways, he had a lot of personality, an asshole cat but very loving too. I’d like to say I took care of him but really he took care of me. See you on the flip side motherfuckah.


Sorry to hear, man. Losing a pet is harder than people let on. 18 is a long run!


Sorry to hear about Kramer Billdo - according to your story he picked you - they always do


I feel your pain, it blows, it’s like losing a piece of yourself. He was a good looking boy.


Awwww, so so sorry. He had a great life with you and that’s all you can ask


Fuck, man…heartbreaker. So sorry.


Oh, so sorry. Yeah, it’s rough to lose our pets. They have distinct personalities and are boon ompanions. And kudos to you for sticking with him when others didn’t.


You will see your friend again. But not yet.


What you did there, I see it.


Thanks you guys, it warmed up here today to 50 and the ground thawed out so I could dig a hole and get him buried. Sure is quiet around here without all the meowing but I got the dog still and he’s plenty to take care of. No more pets for me. .


Is the dog upset - I had two outside cats for 15 years and when the one died the other one looked for it for two months - it was the saddest thing I ever seen - I got this pic of the male searching endlessly


I have a friend whose family breeds bison.

Yes, American Buffalo.

They had one old couple, male and female, first breeding pair they ever had. In the course of time, the female passed away, and they buried her in the pasture. (Takes a hella big hole to bury a buffalo.)

The male stood out at the graveside every day, all day, until he too passed away. Yes, they buried him side by side.


Nah the dog and cat only tolerated each other at best, it took 4 years to get them to sit next to each other on the couch and neither one of them were crazy about that, the dog doesn’t seem to even notice that he’s gone.


After BY went to hell, my male cat passed away, in my arms. He went so fast. I have his ashes on my TV. My female is 17, with a couple of health issues that are under control. I broke down and adopted another male, one year old. He’s 3.5 now. A total asshole. He’s still getting used to being petted and scratched. I guess in his youth there wasn’t much lovin’. But he keeps me and D on our toes. I named him Fritzwicky, but he gets called everything from turkey (he’s 17 lbs), jive turkey, butterball, and asshole. The only time the two of them aren’t fighting or hissing at each other, is when we all crash on the sofa for a nap.

You may not want another, but the universe sometimes has other ideas. And in your case I think you’ll be tapped to be caretaker for another feline. They know a sucker when they see one.

Sorry for your loss.


I had taken in a stray and the fighting was endless - I had to keep them separated until it was too much - I threw them both in a room and closed the door and went to town for a coffee - I just said go kill each other

Know what happened - nothing - never a problem after that -

they were playing me for sure

true story


Very sorry to hear about your little guy. If your experience is anything like mine when you think of him in the future you will be thinking mainly of the good times. This grieving period fades and the good memories take over.