L_R - Tesla short seller gives up - Who tol ya



A 20 point bounce in a crashing market is impressive. It’s almost like Tesla is the quality safe haven, today anyway.


My mom, who taught college prep English for decades, always bristled at this turn of phrase… Where is there a haven that is not safe?


I need to work on my bristling skills.


A haven without beer would be unsafe.

In haven there is no beer,
That’s why I drink it here.


“Thank Haven, for little girls” Doc


Isn’t Haven where they are dancing cheek to cheek?


Yes to the dulcet sounds of Richie Haven’s Freedom.


He just got lucky is all. Wait a few weeks.


Lucky - that must it

Got rockets to come back from fucking space and land on their ass - must be luck


You’re probably too young to recall Annette Haven.


Porn star of the seventies / eighties