Ladies, is this accurate?



Not really.
5.5 = barely okay.
6.5 = decent
7.5 = perfect
9 = bordering on too damn big, get away from me.
10 = just never happening. Not ever!

There. Is that clear?


PS, Do all men measure their penises? I have never measured one, or asked a man to tell me his measurement. You know when it works, and when it doesn’t.


Its a silly meme, it just reminded me of a survey in National Lampoon “Are you a loser?” Or something like that

Multi choice and choice A, always the most superlative.

How much do you make a year. Is it

A, over 50 Million?

How often do you have sex, per day?
A, 9 to 12 times.


Yeah I’m mostly in agreement with that except 5.5 wouldn’t impress me and 9+ wouldn’t scare me. I’d just like to know what the other 4 inches do while the first 5 have all the fun. :smile:

[Girth matters too for the record.]

I can’t answer for anyone here of course but I have witnessed and participated in the measuring of a few penises.


I’m just at 7" but I’ve never measured my girth.

Now I’m curious.



Is that measuring from your rectum?


That’s always the question…where was it measured from?


The top of the base… is there another way? lol


Under the balls, from the base of the balls, and like bro said, from your anus. I swear that’s how most men measure because they whip out 6 inches after selling it as 9.


I measured mine by laying it out on a table tennis table and marking where the tip reached.

A young lady acquaintance saw the mark and asked what it meant, so I told her.

“Ew. You’re not very big, are you?” she said sweetly.

“I measured from the OTHER end dear…”.


What a coincidence.


and, eh, how many men haven’t you measured or asked that, Lotus? :wink:


So you agree with Lotus?


Hmm lets say 7 billion peeps on the planet, bit less than half are male say 3.35 billion male, ok high school bf, the 3 guys in college(including post grad) and the hub, so about 3.35 billion minus 4 or 5 roughly speaking.


So “all of them”. Uh huh, I knew I left that open…drats!

Sooo close…:anguished:


Lotus and Starlin…Starlin m’Darlin, this

Length vs circumference in value to a woman?


That’s a tough one Doc. I’m not sure.


If I can offer any assistance in your research…

lemme know.
As a midget, I make a good baseline. :wink: