Ladies, is this accurate?


So you agree with Lotus?


Hmm lets say 7 billion peeps on the planet, bit less than half are male say 3.35 billion male, ok high school bf, the 3 guys in college(including post grad) and the hub, so about 3.35 billion minus 4 or 5 roughly speaking.


So “all of them”. Uh huh, I knew I left that open…drats!

Sooo close…:anguished:


Lotus and Starlin…Starlin m’Darlin, this

Length vs circumference in value to a woman?


That’s a tough one Doc. I’m not sure.


If I can offer any assistance in your research…

lemme know.
As a midget, I make a good baseline. :wink:





Sorry, TLDR


It’s quite hilarious- worth the read


I only read the left side cuz small print.

But it pales in comparison to a moment I had in 1964 at Ft Rucker. A WAC captain was marching a platoon of WACs down the street so I stopped to watch. They were doing the girl version of Jody Calls, counting cadence and such. And at one point the captain hollered, “come ON, ladies…there is 54 and a half MILES of swingin’ dick on this base, and if you bitches don’t shape up…you won’t be seein’ the first INCH of it this weekend.”


Wow. Hilarious? I’d call it grossly misogynistic.


Men paying new price for well used goods never ceases to amaze me.


It never ceases to amaze me that any woman would marry a man with a used up, wrinkled little dick


Dang… glad you talking about everyone but me :kissing_heart:


You’re a virgin?


You’ve seen his pix haven’t you?


Nah… just no winkled up little dick.


Meanwhile, you’d be the bridal bargain of the year.

Two cunts for the price of one.


That was pretty fucking low - but then it’s you


Low, perhaps.

But unwarranted?

I don’t think so. I don’t think I’ve crossed paths with a more ill-disposed, peevish termagant (how’s that one, Monsieur Johnson?) in my internet lifespan.

Besides, I wanted her to know I can communicate at her level if that’s what she prefers.