Last Dance with Mary Jane: Tom Petty has Backed Down to the End of the Line




Damn Tom Petty too…


OK. No. Just no. Come on, dude. You could have lasted another 15 years, easy.

Traveling Wilburys. :+1: :+1: :+1:



It’s so heartbreaking I’m not even gonna say it in a post, lest I be accused of laughing inappropriately.


Nascar will never be the same.


RIP Tom your music was the soundtrack of my life.


The police won’t confirm it yet. I’m holding out hope.


Fate couldn’t wait one fucking day, it HAD to be today


What’s today?




Yup, Instead of a poignant look back at the career of one of the poets of a generation, all the news is going to be about radicalized white male terrorism.


Which Tom Petty hated, I know



What if he gets to the gates of hell and won’t back down?

Did you think of that? DID YOU?


Then he will free fall out into nothin’, and leave this world for a while.


Well it’s all right, if you’ve lived the life you’ve pleased.


Hey, he won’t come around here no more…


How many more days? Not one more day, not one more night, Tom.


Tom Petty now becomes the most contentious celebrity to enter/not enter the Death Watch Board. Congratulations Tom!