Let me introduce myself




I wanna sea Flea and Starling introducing herselves


Peaches is tainting my good name


What do you mean?


nah, nevermind

not in the mood anyway


How come you didn’t pick Flee instead of Flea?


Long story lol


Is it true?


No, it’s not

I’m an absolute angel


I have screenies of Flea’s photobucket from a few years ago. Several people’s stuff was archived there, and things were posted from it to CO.

How many people have you heard me accuse of PI mining in the past, aside from Greek?


Really ? It says “fleas” photobucket ?

Let’s see what ya got


YOU invited me to this forum at CO.

I know where to behave.


You already have. I’m not gonna post screenies here of other people’s PI just to show where you kept it.

"YOU invited me to this forum at CO."

Link plz


How do you suggest I do that if CO is gone ?


The thread title has that Stones song going thru my head…


I’m a very good person. I care about people


^^^^ Yeah. I dunno.

I did go to that site where you said you post. I saw some really nasty shit there. Please forgive me if I am violating the unspoken rules here, but you were referring to a pic of another woman on the board and accusing her of being bald, very hideously, and over multiple posts. It was a recent thread.

I don’t like that kind of crap.

My two cents.


That’s another forum and I get it much worse.

Peaches, why are you being so mean ? Don’t you believe people can change ?


I believe they can commit to change.


That bald women thinks I stole her man, I didn’t

He was never hers to steal