Let me introduce myself


Ooooh! Quaking![quote=“E_Normus_Johnson, post:20, topic:20137”]
Maybe you should stay out of other people’s trolls
Public thread. In this forum. Joke about tit pics: as old as the hills in Africa, and still sexist.


you scared flea away


You’ve been stepping on other people’s trolls for over ten years. Why are you here, exactly?


I never thought you’d carry her water, nor invite a known PI miner and exploiter to this forum.


I merely posted a link somewhere

don’t get carried away


LMAO. And you haven’t?

[quote=“E_Normus_Johnson, post:23, topic:20137”]
Why are you here, exactly?
[/quote] Why are you here?


If that’s true, a heads up rather than a tits pic request might have been in order.



I figured that was Billdo’s job. But no worries, it woulda come up quick enough, if people hadn’t stepped on my troll.


[quote=“E_Normus_Johnson, post:28, topic:20137”]
it woulda come up quick enough
[/quote]But not at the expense of your precious and terribly original, non-sexist troll.



Hi Peachy !


How do I get on that mailing list? :wink:


It’s only sexist because men don’t have tits…for the most part.


they’re called MOOBS


I got the moobs like Jabba


So which nic is Peachy’s sock account




She knows peachy is here but not who he is here

Figuring it out might be an enormous task


Oh, Ok, thanks

other forum circle talk then


That they are.