Let me introduce myself


They’re the new beer gut


I make it a point not to date guys with bigger tits than me.


I still need some visual help to correctly access your affirmation

You keep talking about their prowess but you never show the twins.

this is terribly unfair


What’s unfair is men wanting women all thin and svelte while worshipping the fattest parts of our bodies.


Once again, you provide witness account but you hide the evidence.


LMAO @ enormous Johnson


I prefer a sensual look, leanish and healthy.:heart_eyes:

Also, at my age I think that most woman are beautiful.:grinning:


It’s not nice to make fun of stuff you don’t understand, Countess.

So, whatcha want with me this time? No cawk pics, yer monitor ain’t big enough.


Flea is kinda different nowadays

I think you should give her a chance


Oh, I have and I am. Please note that I didn’t drop the hammer on her.


Then pics would certainly help us in the process of eliminating ourselves from the running.

Just sayin’


Has that worked on anyone, ever?


Boro posted his dick here they say


I’ll believe it when I see it.


Only has to work once, right?


Peachy, stop it. I came to see how you were doing


No, it’s sexist because men on all of these boards constantly sexualize women, while women are usually much more likely to just accept a newcomer as a newcomer, rather that making it about sexuality.

I am as sick of the “tit pics or …” as I am of fucking moronic men who can’t let an attractive woman walk in front of them without making a lewd comment.


So, which part of a woman is not beautiful?



Like I said, most women are beautiful. What’s your point?