Let's Keep an Eye on This


It should be an interesting one.



Fuck me, isn’t it a bit early for March Madness?

I think so.


I think this has the makings of a fascinating game. Virginia’s defense is perhaps the nation’s best. It will be interesting to see how they fare against a very good offense. They held Clemson (18) to 39 points last time out.



Are you saying you’d like to cuddle with me, pussycat?


I see Holliday has yet to shed his creepiness when creating d00ls.




Holliday once said he would never deny his d00ls.


As it happens, I am not a … how did you put it…d00l,
…so would that not disprove your theory?




No Youp!


He also claimed never to have used them, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

However, to be fair Holliday ain’t here no more so this fellow would be more of an Alt than a d00L.


Thus “semantics”.


Yes, on a quiet Friday night sometimes it’s all we have.


Do you get amnesia when you do a personality shift?


A…personality shift?


I believe it’s shift + personality. Yw.


You know, when you shift from Doc to Lord and etc.


I think the verb has a superfluous “f”.


Most unkind, friend - most unkind.
I have selected this name in solidarity with another poster who has been exiled - one whose absence has diminished the board.
Lotus, feel free to address me as A Well Dressed Doc Mudgett, if it pleases you.

PS: Cousins down. Pelicans become Pelicants that fast.