I haven’t been able to find a picture yet but I think that having a tray that holds 10 two or three quart pots that are well spaced in all directions would be a good thing. One could place the trays in the garden and hold down weeds while being able to plant the pots and put them in the tray at one’s leisure; a form of gentrified farming.:grin:


I’m thinking if I have 6, 4ft dual bulb standard old fluorescent shop lights, on 3 shelves, 2 on each shelf, I could fit 12 trays under them. Which I’d plant densely kind of like the micros… If I started 3 trays a week, I should be able to harvest 3 a week after about a month.


The starts I started inside starting to take off… they were kind of “leggy” so I planted them deep, looks like that works out ok.

I have another tray of starts going that should be ready to plant in a few weeks and I’ve been planting more lettuce direct sowing it.


I bought some spinach and boston lettuce seed today. I got them at Walmart, they don’t have much stock for fall, however.


I bought some spinach seeds at Menard’s today, they had a lot of seeds still. I see people soaking theirs overnight before planting, the guys that use the wheel type seeders soak them then dry them out on a screen under a fan. So I’m going to try soaking mine. Working on clearing out some space for it.


Started picking on this lettuce a little, first time I’ve had a good fall crop of lettuce… temperatures have been cooling off but are supposed to warm back up a little… has been getting down to 45-50 at night last couple nights. A bunch of kale, a few mustard and I see some cilantro sprouted out of the soil and I left most of it so far and have been adding it to our salad mix.


They look like they will be delicious. I have to throw out 40% of the leaves that I get from the store.


We had been buying it from Aldis and theirs is pretty good, I think they call it Artisian Lettuce and it’s like $2.50 for 4 little heads, 2 green, 2 red/purple, crammed into a clamshell. I can see stuff taking an extra day or two though to get out to the east coast. But still prefer the stuff out of my backyard, just picked…


Did you get any fresh picked corn this year?


3 small ears after some critter ravaged it, never growing corn again.


Give it another shot.

Load up your 22 and wait for it.:grin:


Another tray of lettuce, I’m going to keep about 6 of them inside growing to full size in a tray and put the rest outside to harden off and then transplant. This was just a 70 cell or whatever it is more standard size tray, the 200 cell was a little too close I think.


@LittleRambo1 Trying some semi-hydro type lettuce inside, 6 plants in a tray of vermiculite, I have another small 1 gallonish sized container of Pro-Mix with 5 plants in it. I give it about a 100ppm nutrient solution, looks like it’s going to grow fast and nice… I’ll try to get some pics soon. I’d like to be able to grow enough lettuce and greens inside that we don’t have to buy the shit this winter.


Sounds interesting. I will be looking forward to seeing the results.

I am really tired of the beat up lettuce that we have here.


I think you could easily grow enough for yourself under a single 60w, 4ft dual tube shop light. Looks like it grows faster inside too under more optimal conditions… I bet you can cut the heads and let them grow back 4-5 times before they start to bolt.


Got some of these netpots and a hole saw for them the last couple days… might try to setup a better hydro setup for lettuce but don’t really know what I’m going to do with them yet… I need some of those clay hydroton pellets too.


The first one is in pro-mix under a 60w dual tube fluorescent with one blue and one red tube. About a 1 gallon container.

These are in a tray of vermiculite and transplanted a few days after the container above, they’re under a couple of those compact fluorescent lights.



Had to chop this one tonight… overgrown… got a bowl full of lettuce… the other lettuce I have growing in the tray of vermiculite hasn’t grown much at all… this looks like the way for me so far. Smelled great when chopping it, had some for dinner, it was great, didn’t need to wash it either.


so that took about 12 days… I can fit about 12 of those containers under two 4ft shop lights.