Lizzy Warren going after Kushner


In a pair of characteristically fiery letters sent to Citigroup and Apollo Global Management—the institutions that lent Kushner Cos. more than half a billion dollars after a few meet-and-greets with Jared in his D.C. office—Warren, along with Representative Elijah Cummings, Senator Tom Carper, and Senator Gary Peters, reminded the companies’ C.E.O.s that “federal ethics laws prohibit federal employees from profiting from their government service.” Can you guess where this is going? “Mr. Kushner’s refusal to fully divest from his financial holdings,” the group wrote, “raises questions about his behavior as a Senior Adviser to President Trump. It would be a serious matter if the loan[s] provided to Kushner Companies . . . resulted in a violation of federal ethics laws.”


Wud ya have for supper, Lotus?


Ethic laws have no teeth. Warren is wasting her time.


I figured it out - a fuck revelation

Conservatives thrive on creating misery

Liberals act like they give a fuck but they don’t


Duke, the prevalent attitudes in your country that politicians must pander to will NEVER lead to giving a fuck whether they want it to or not. You cling to antiquated foundational rules as if they are written in stone but they’re nothing more than what some people made up at some long time past. The attitude of “every man for himself” and that ever dangling greed carrot that most will never reach no matter how hard they try dominates the broken rhetoric. On top of it, you exist in a fish bowl of paranoia, distrust and fear.

You will NEVER make what you currently have going work regardless of political intention.


Sounds like the only effective solution is a meteor.


Does Warren ever actually accomplish anything? She got a lot of bluster though. She also backed Clinton in favor of Sanders. That doesn’t speak well for her.


Doc, how have your bowel movements been recently?






No shit, Sherlock. That’s why I didn’t vote for Hillary. I’m tired of the bullshit.


Oh jeez - now Apey is going to inquire on the quality of your turds.


Like the fuck you wanted give a fuck

400 buck tax on buying 3 shares of some shit stock

yeah, that would have worked well


Just let us Canadians come down. In one year, we’ll have you all sorted out. That’s a promise, eh.