LMAO - Kanye in Oval Office


Coming to us from an alternative universe-his words. He’s fucking nuts. He actually said he was bipolar.


I hope Lil Kim doesn’t get jelly over this.


Kanye licks TRUMP’s bunghole, that’s why TRUMP likes him. That’s why TRUMP likes anyone. No other reason.


Of course he’s getting his ass kissed.


Kanye unlocks his cell phone on camera live to show Trump a gif. You can’t make this shit up.



Any semblance of dignity in the WH is gone forever

You cannot fetch it back


That’s exactly what I was thinking. This is what the CONs have done to the country.


These Trump bromances are getting kind of tiresome.


I’ve been amused by Kanye’s rants. However, he sounds like he’s really mentally ill and Trump is just taking advantage of him for the AA “vote”.

Kanye needs to take his meds. Trump needs to pay the price for using these tokens.


Fixed it for ya.:grin:


You lie.

They didn’t bring people with bipolar disorder and put them on TV screaming nonsense from the Oval Office.


Does your MAGA hat make you feel like you have a new Daddy?


Holy fuck, here’s the transcript, wow just the first half paragraph had my head spinning.


I told you.

I guess LR is proud of this nonsense.




that made me literally laugh out loud

bwaaa hahaha haha ha


Me 2