LMAO. Is that because I get paid half a million to make speeches to banks? Or because I set up a foundation designed to make my husband and me billionaires?

Big Jar of Boudreaux's

No - it’s because you imagine all people governable but the same laws, and capable of the same actions regardless of their environment. I had started a thread on the subject earlier. Lib Impression. I also linked a couple of Bernie clips where he talks about the difference between urban and rural life. There was a particular exchange I had hoped to find, but didn’t, in which Hillary was rattling on about how it made no difference - city or country, to which a visibly dumbfounded Bernie replied - Of course it does. In other words - you are both typical Libs.

…and bear in mind it is precisely that Lib failure to understand the many cultures in America that lost them the presidential election. Not everyone is an urbanite.


Have I told lately that the Blazers are roughly 3 minutes away from being like 12 or 13 in a row?



Yes - they’re doing fine. My Pelicans went 10 straight then tanked losing 3 of 4 now and now on the cusp of being out of a playoff birth.


Best streak in the league right now, ya h8tr


That’s quite a stack-up between the 3 and 10 positions in the West Conf.


It really is, I think it has something to do with MS-13 taking over the NBA out here.


My thoughts exactly.


What if I told you that I made that comment facetiously, would that change your response?


Of course and I would give a sympathetic reply in the interest of maintaining peaceful relations as is my usual practice.



Or Pwnt.


I prefer PWnT, myself. But I’m worried my spelling/usage will be criticized. Would you mind my asking in advance for you to act as my meatshield should that happen?


I think you’re becoming entirely too familiar, if you don’t mind.


Sorry, man. Was I level jumping on our friendship?


I would like to see a link. Honestly. I never said any such thing and you are delusional.


I know you do not understand the implications of things you say. It’s the hallmark of an inconsistent mind.


Are you having an “internal” dialogue?


Are you subbing for the first team meatshields?


You talking to me?


You’re the only one here.