With reason.


I think I’ll call you BB. Which not coincidentally is also your caliber.


Yeah. Link to me saying it or GTFO.


Well - here’s you saying get the fuck out.

Punctuation counts, dear. Punctuation counts.


Yup. I never said what you claim I said. That makes you a LIAR. So much like Trump.


It’s not a lie to see what you aren’t able to see. It just means you have no insight into your own comments.


Honey, you have to post what it is you saw that I said. You can’t just claim I said something, and then say, “Clearly you don’t see what you said.” That doesn’t exonerate you of the charge of bullshitter.



Honestly I think you would benefit more by reflection on your posts than in me pointing directly to the obvious.


You are so pwned.



LotusBud - I have already answered all of your questions in previous posts. Why should I say it again?


I’m surprised that you don’t recognize a gaslighting tr0all when someone is chasing you around the forum with it.

Or maybe you do, and don’t need my mentioning it.


Hey - BB, my low caliber fren. How’d the day go?

How about that UMBC - still within a point of K St in the 2nd half.


Naming your handiwork after yourself I see, BB. :laughing:

Henceforth - thread splitting will be know as Boudreauxing after you.



UMBC not going away. Down one with 5 1/2 to play in regulation.

K.St finally getting a bit of breathing room. But wait!
back to a 3 point game at 2:00

They done themselves credit, but not to be. Still, they made history.
Wildcats pull away at the end - 50-43.

4 of the top 10 AP teams already out.


Go mthrfckn Zags!


This ^^^^^^


They have been lucking out again. They always seem to have an easy road.

Uh oh - Xavier may make 5 of ten AP top 10 out on the first w/e.
OMG - FlaSt sailing right past em down the stretch.

…another #1 gone. 75-70