Looks Like A Bad One


Slide show is best.

Santa Rosa and the wine country are all on fire

The updated video is worth checking out, just scroll down a bit. These people need to get their act together, they only live next to the Pacific Ocean!


Of course we wouldn’t have forest fires if the forest service would just burn the forests to the ground every year. FACT!


I posted this thread before you posted yours. No problem, though.

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind? I think that these fires were deliberately set. If true, were they related to Columbus Day?


I had that same thought, at first. Later, I’ve seen people suggesting that it was a sort of “perfect storm” of circumstances that made it happen. I am watching for more info along these lines.


You can smell it all the way down here in San Jose. Over 1500 buildings are lost, looks like 10 dead (was 1 this morning)


Thoughts and prayers to my ex kin folk in laws.


If you continue to burn up the herbs, we gonna burn down the grape fields…



rut roh

San Bruno remembers them


Why does President Trump refuse to at least air drop some paper towels to these devastated communities?


Maybe he doesn’t realize CA is part of the US.


On the air quality scale, 0-50 is ok, 51-100 is moderate, 101-150 is unhealthy for sensitive groups, 151-200 is unhealthy, scale goes to 500. The smoke has it at 91 right now in San Jose where I am, roughly 80 miles away from the fires.

It hit 496 in Napa yesterday at one point.


This is just so awful. I am surprised given the recent heavy rains up there. I thought they would have been a mitigating factor. But maybe they caused more shrub growth, that then dried out quickly?


Exactly so.


If that’s true, they should be sued up the ass. They also caused that explosion that killed people a few years ago.


It is, and they should. But fuck the idea that it’s okay if the government fines them and let’s call it a day. I wanna see their attorneys and the insurance companies’ attorneys duke this out in court.


Update, San Jose is up to 183. Again, EIGHTY MILES AWAY. My almost-85 FIL stepped outside to run an errand with my wife, and promptly went inside coughing.


Neither wind nor rain etc etc etc

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Lack of planned fire burns caused this fire.

Ummm…Gov. Brown?