Looks Like A Bad One





Um, yeah. Multiply acres by 640 to get square miles.

But how many hectares is that?


Among other things. Dryness, Santa Ana winds, bad line maintenance by PG&E are also factors. Pine bark disease also.


I only know miles. There is a one mile marker near my house, so I know miles.:slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah but how many degrees Fahrenheit does that make?



OK this shit is getting serious.


Wow. That sucks.


Student Flees Wildfire On Bike Carrying 70-Pound Dog In Duffel Bag



I could never leave my pets behind, either.

Good on her. :slight_smile:



I remember when he said he’d be President of all Americans, including the ones who didn’t vote for him.

I knew then he wouldn’t.


Looks like something out of a Woody Harrelson movie.