I saw more articles that say all that organic stuff uses pesticides anywho

you cud google it or not


Here in CA, there is little regulation over what you have to do in order to use the “organic” term. I suspect it’s nothing special, so I don’t buy organic.


The only stuff I trust to really be organic is the stuff I grow myself.


Well, given that I have immune system issues, I will take my chances with organic as any pesticide is one pesticide too many. Of course, it’s clear that conventional produce is contaminating all the other produce. It sucks. We’re doomed.

But I’m not going to start supporting the biggest culprits.

There is lots of small farm local produce at my local health food store and they are committed to selling only organic, so I trust them.


Ne vjeruj nikome


As much as you can trust anyone in this world run be greed.