Love It Out Here 2


I guess it’s competition but many photographers tend to overdue things. They use polarizing filters to extremes(when a partial polarization would probably look best.) I remember when mag covers would always be overdone with fall colors and such.


Search for some HDR pics - some are great


Love the poppies on the tracks




It looks like Billdo is loving his new job.:slightly_smiling_face:


Beautiful day, 90’s, working on my tan


Yesterday was beautiful. Today was hot.


It was still great though and our apartment stayed cool without AC.


:grinning: It’s getting decent here weather wise. :sunny: and 70 today.


Cooled off here today, 80 and beautiful… heading to Vallejo to pick up big daddy Jake then we’re heading into the city to pick up my roommate at the airport, then I hope we go to Golden Gate park or somewhere and smoke out.


Be careful of the discarded needles.:rofl:



Had a fun day yesterday but spent most of it driving around the Bay in a big circle… after some Mexican food and a margarita I was tired.


Drove around Mare Island a little the other day…


I think that site would make a nice coal terminal.


Combo - nuc fuel dump


Good call.


I kinda like the place, it’s like a military/industrial ghost town. Some of it has been converted to factories and housing etc.


Plus a graveyard for all the smashed windmills and solar cells if cheets wins