Love It Out Here 2


Hey maybe we could build some nice wall there too. Big beautiful wall.


Up in Humboldt County today, cold as fuck here in Eureka, doesn’t look like it ever gets very warm here… Property seems cheap up here though and it warms up further inland.



A bit inland it’s hotter than all hell.

You would need greenhouses for your operation up there.




We ate at Gallagher’s Irish Pub, greasy seafood but great, nice place.


I could eat that, like now even.






How did you ever make it without a smartphone

I bet ya got yer face stuck in it half the day


Actually I have a pretty busy life… Having breakfast in HDR and heading back to Napa.


I like Eureka but the sun never shines here and the town has a weird vibe… it ain’t the bay area…We’re done with our business and GTFO.


Take some of that food to go, looks delicious.


Back in Napa


The ride to Eureka is nice but Eureka itself is somewhat of a strange redneck town, an odd mix of lumberjacks, fishermen, truck drivers, hippies and cops, lots of cops… seems like an oppressive, regressive sort of place and the town has a strange “Twin Peaks” type of vibe to it. Happy to be back in sunny Napa.


In Illinois I was sort of a grandma driver, but I’m totally a California driver now. Speed limits don’t really mean shit anymore out on the open highways and some streets, they’re just sort of guidelines… I don’t stay in the slow lane much and if I’m in the fast lane I’m on the ball… not clogging up traffic… but also drivers here overall are pretty kind and I try to be kind to other drivers too, let people in etc.

I guess we might be spending most of June in Eureka which doesn’t sound real appealing to either one of us but whatever the job calls for is sort of how we look at things.


I went to the weed store in Vallejo this morning to re-up and the store is in an area where you always see homeless people. So as I was leaving I usually just do a U-turn at the next light and there’s usually a homeless person standing in the median. So today the light turned red and I was ripping my sack of weed open and digging my one hitter out to smoke a little in traffic on the way home and there was an older black guy in the median, out in the drizzle, and I was like hey man, you want this, and held up a bud… and he happily took it… If I ever get my own crops going out here I’m going to go out and give weed to the homeless on the regular…


Heading to Vallejo to stock up before the atmospheric river…


Not my pic but an awesome pic of the Carson Mansion in Eureka taken last night or this morning I think by Alan Workman