Love it out here part 4


Was back down there yesterday…


I paid $3.99 the other day here, I have been up until lately paying around $3.03 a gallon in Vallejo.


Pics from Point Reyes yesterday


Yep. That’s the place. Sunday afternoon is the best time to go. I think it’s funny liberal white Marin doesn’t have a weed outlet?


That’s an awful weed store obnoxiously overpriced for this yuppie fake weed experience and can’t even serve the customers. I’m sorry that’s just how I felt about it, I walked out. Try Better Health Group in Vallejo. I might have to drive over there soon. There I know I can almost always get an 1/8 of Sour Diesel Lemon Kush that tests at 25+% grown in Petaluma for $22… anything comparable over here is twice that… wtf…


There’s one on Geary, just west of 19th in SF. Can’t remember the name of the place. Google it. It’s a good one.


Someone egged the side of my car last night, hope it was just kids fucking around and not someone with some sort of grudge, I haven’t done anything to anyone.

I’m supposed to go sailing at Bodega Bay in the morning, I’ll take some pics. :slight_smile:


Eggs shud be banned

turn in yer eggs



You are definitely having some great experiences. What are we seeing in that 4th image, is that Birds, or Seals or Orcas? getting their zoomies on


Seals and birds I think, I saw the biggest bird/pelican ever today land over there.


California should pay me to go around and take pics and poast them online.


Maybe you could think about a north bay Youtube tour guide deal?


I don’t now the area that well I’m sort of just a tourist myself. lol


And how would a tourist know that?


Yer livin’ the dream. Nice.


Are you using your phone for the pictures?


I went sailin once

It was lotta fun

for about 45 seconds


all my photos are pretty much phone photos…


I think it’s all three…