Love it out here part 4


Thanks. I may start taking a few of my area. I want to use something simple like a phone. I am getting lazy.:grin:


i have like a super cheap phone… Moto E5 Play from Metro PCS, I think BD6 has something similar maybe the same.


Because pushing a button on a camera is so involved?


LOL No, it’s because photography becomes boring when it simply involves pushing a button.


So tapping an icon is not boring?


Looked like a nice fall day.


my dense. huh?


So I got transferred at my old job today and I’m supposed to go in at 9am and they’re going to offer me a job at the store here and I’m supposed to accept and then start working here… but they fucked around and left me off work for like 10 days “lost in their system”… so I applied at a large grocery store chain Sunday night, went in Monday asking about an interview, the girl said she’d have the woman call me about an interview… They called this afternoon while I was in Petaluma enjoying one of my last days off before I go back to working my life away and asked if I could be there within an hour for an interview… I told them the deal with the other store and if I take the job in the morning I will have to give them 2 weeks notice unless they hire me today and she hired me right away.


Petaluma today


More of Petaluma





So I have not really an interview, just a casual drop by the office and meet us with a cannabis company for women by women for a marketing job. :slight_smile:

I had an interview right before the fires with a company that has a weed warehouse in Santa Rosa and just needed like harvesting, trimming and packaging work… Lots of weed warehouses in Santa Rosa and all the way down to Petaluma. Sonoma county is bigger than Humboldt county when it comes to weed.


I did a little research. The woman I’m meeting Tuesday instead of Monday has some huge longtime canna businesses in the area and is a cannabis industry veteran. I’m excited.


So the interview went great, I think I’m a shoe in with the job and company culture, dream job :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


Woo hoo! GL!


Like not just any weed company but a really awesome one. :star_struck:


Is this the dispensary job?


Sounds more like a grow operation


It’s mainly a WordPress development, E-commerce, digital marketing type job for a great company, it would really be a great job. I would have to dedicate my life to it but it would be worth it. I’m in if they want me, they gave me a couple creative assignments to do, just to show them that I can and wow… I’m excited…

Edit: I hate to get too excited without having actually gotten an offer but I’m excited and it’s nice I’d even be considered… gives me hope at least… but I think I got it, few people love weed more than I do and I’m pretty good at what I do.


I hope with all my heart this turns out for you!


Up in the hills near Inverness and Tomales Bay