Love it out here part 4


How is ‘Blondie’ liking California?:slightly_smiling_face:


She loves it, she’s making about $250 a night/5 hours, bartending at a craft beer bar.


that gold bud, reminds me of this weed a navy buddy shared one time he said it was acapulco gold, I had never seen weed that color in r/l before or since actually not in person anyway…it was very good shit.


That’s buds dipped in gold for jewelry, they had mostly smaller nugs people were buying and that was one of their big display buds. THC trichomes turn golden/brown as the THC degrades from heat/light into CBN which is more of a stony, narcotic high.


projected on a wall downtown near pier 1 on NYE







We went to Armstrong State Park today…


Love this stuff!



You should move out here, lots of cheaper places for 55 and over folks.


Is there?

I just have two years before I get there.


yeah we try to get into apartments that are cheaper and they’re for over 55 people, my friend Kevin in Napa is in an over 55 place, you might want to start applying at them now if you want one in a couple years.


One month for me :smile:


Congratulations! Are your retiring?

I actually could have retired at 50 and anytime after that. I just thought I needed a bit more money. But I’m at the point that if they piss me the fuck off too much, I can literally walk off the job with a boombox playing “Take the Job and Shove It”.



Okay, good to know. How much are the rents on average?


Over 55 about $1k for a one bedroom…


No, I have some time. I want to get my mortgage paid off first. I was thinking about increasing my 401k withholdings but I fear a “correction” will happen this year, so I may wait for a drop.


I think that you are right. FED keeps pouring money into the economy, what do they know?


I hope to visit before too long. I have a sister , though, in Florida who had a bad stroke a year or so bsck that I want to spend some time with.:slightly_smiling_face:


I think there will be a collection and more so now with the Iran mess. I’m moving my deferred comp to funds that are a lot less volatile.


Just buy some canned sardines, they come in a variety of flavors such as mustard, tomato, etc., so you won’t get bored.:grin:



I can eat plastic…all I need is some salsa!