Love It Out Here Part 7


I guess it depends on which side of the river walk you are on


From Rocky Butte Park today… summer is finally here in Portland… hot day, missing the mild cool weather and maybe even the rain a little…

new phone… Moto G Stylus


It’s really beautiful.


Aside from you being a better photographer than I, the Moto G Stylus cleArly has a better camera app than this cheezy G6 I’ve been using for a year or so. Just bought a X2 used on ebay for 40 bucks, like the one I had before and as soon as I get a new battery in it I’ll be “downgrading.”


Never had a G6 but my old phone was the cheapest Moto there is… Moto E5 Play…

The cameras on this seem pretty nice, has like 4 different front cameras including a wide angle video lens. $200 at MetroPCS…


I got a Moto G5+, the camera is not great on it either.


Has 4GB of RAM, 128GB of storage also, this phone seemed like the best bang for the buck.


Mines an LG something Camera is not great.


Hollywood District, Portland, yesterday afternoon…




Went to Latourell Falls for an epic evening hike, 20 min from home… upper and lower falls…


Yesterday I went back to Latourell Falls, Bridal Falls and another one I forgot the name of…