What’s up with the screen name change?


Hi Oak:hugs::hugs:

They stopped supporting my Win 7 and I had to get Win 10. The tech lady who put it on for me didn’t back up my old system. I don’t know how to get LittleRambo1 back up.:cry:

But, it’s me.:grin:


Next time I get to my desktop, I’ll see if any fix suggests itself and let ya know.


While you’re there, could you see if there’s a way to upgrade an older MacBook Pro to the latest IOS?


Why is my browser throwing spaz attacks all of a sudden?


If you like, just say the word and I’ll message you (LR2) a temp password that you can use to get into LR1 and change the password to whatever you like.
Or just keep it this way, it’s all good

Letterpress says the only suitable upgrade for a MacBook Pro involves a trash can, but they offer no instructions on the specifics.



I figured it was you, you post the same. I just wondered what happened.


Thanks. I will keep it for a while. I am going to put a pic up, probably more important.:relaxed:


When I upgraded to 10 I started getting spaz attacks too. I am going to try uploading FireFox, I am using Chrome now.