"Make me a sammich" memes?



He asked his girlfriend to make him a sandwich:






I really love these!


Not with the same lioness, so agreed.


I’m good at sharing.



Wait. So yer saying if you did it with different women, you could do it 250 times in 5 days, just like a lion?

Take a dick pic when yer done, and share it, would you?


After a hellish week of business meetings in Detroit, she returned home to find her husband asleep on the couch in his underwear among a jumble of old newspapers, overflowing ashtrays, empty beer bottles, greasy pizza boxes and several unfamiliar pieces of women’s clothing. Her exhaustion was too great for anger so she just began to quietly sob. He awoke at the sound and seemed genuinely pleased to see her. Then noticing her tears, he consoled her with a hug. “It’s alright Dear”, he said. “I know you’re tired from your trip so you can clean up here in the morning”.

The next day, refreshed from nine hours of sleep, she cleaned the entire house and carried the trash out to the curb… She had to use an extra four heavy-duty garbage bags for the body parts.






Woman want to give up the kitchen chores, not the role of kitchen boss.:roll_eyes:




If Hitler had been in the kitchen, just think of all the descendents of Gypsies that would exist today.