Margot Kidder - 69 YoA



I just wish we had a designated area to post things such as this.


We do. It’s called “the board”.


She’s Canadian? Now I get it.


I thought it was called “Witch King’s Celebrity Death Watch Board.”


She’s held a US citizenship for over ten years, and lived in Montana.


I know. My BIL lives there and knows her. It was a joke.


Somewhere in the early 80s this college group i was in did raffle for a fundraiser backed by a cable company i think 1st prize was free HBO for a year. Forget 2nd, 3rd prize was a betamax of Trenchcoat,

A mildly pleasant and very forgettable film, we somehow ended up with about 50 cassettes of it, I think we tossed em out a yr or 2 later


Malta. Hmmm. I would like to visit Malta.


…knew her.


Huh? Did she died?


Oh lawdy, will she be mist!


Had only someone inquired what this thread was about.


What is it about?