Margot Kidder, have Superman carry what's left of you in here


Breaking news, suicide…


I thought she died a couple of years ago.


“Superman” actress Margot Kidder died from an intentional drug and alcohol overdose … according to the Coroner’s Office.

The Park County Coroner says Kidder’s overdose was self-inflicted. TMZ broke the story … Kidder, who played Lois Lane in the '70s and '80s “Superman” movies, was found May 13 in her Livingston, MT home. The Coroner has not specified what drugs she took.

Her daughter, Maggie McGuane, told the AP the family wanted to be “open and honest” about the suicide to avoid any “cloud of shame.”

Margot had struggled for years, very publicly at times, with bipolar disorder. She was 69.


These days, a month is like a year. :disappointed:


The obit is in here… but the suicide is today’s news.


She’s with teh Big Dog now.


First time I’ve been jelly.


oh man


I know a cheap shot and a low blow, but I’d like to think Big Dawg chuckled at this, where ever he is.