Master Race Thread





Maybe the know something we don’t?



BLM is quite a new cultural phenomena, but we always new that socialism was a dirty word in the US. We don’t understand what you think you mean by that. We really don’t.

I’m sure someone can explain it to us?


In the US “socialism” means the knowledge that our imperialist tendencies were challenged by the Soviet Union’s imperialist tendencies and all the ensuing shenanigans,Sputnik, Cuban Missile Crisis, etc.

I say the narrative runs deep. Even when we have a solid knowledge base of history, international relations, etc we’re suspicious of socialism.


We did kinda understand all that bonnie lass, but we do have a problem with anyone that cannot understand that within a capitalist society that nothing is, “free”. It is all paid for by the tax payer.

Healthcare for example here, is “free”, while we pay for it via a National Insurance tax and number.

None of it is free, just not openly abused by profit.


Some Americans, mostly conservative and some independents, resent the idea of being taxes to help those that are "lazy, freeloaders, etc)

They don’t realize that though the poor in this country can’t afford to pay taxes, the wealthy can. Or they don’t care.

It’s tied to our culture of “rugged individualism”…in a completely inequitable society.


Which kinda brings me back to the universality clause within our NHS.

Billionaires and the homeless receive exactly the same level of care.Although it is hard to admit that we still have homelessness in the UK.

Our Doctors are very well paid, and as the biggest employer in the whole of Europe, we can keep the cost of drugs low just via our health services size.

It is simply not considered socialism here…just a human right to survive.


A lot of it here is really tied to two things:

The middle classes (what’s left of them) often despise the poor

Another big chunk of Americans don’t want “minorities” to get “free shit” that they clearly don’t deserve because they’re not like them.


I do follow American politics because even during Brexit, it seems more painful than our politicking. I guess I am a just a tourist though.

We really do have a lot of faith here in the UK in regard to our American cousins. I have a degree of fact based faith that people like you and those herein, will see you over the finish line.


In a reflection of that, the wife and I sometimes consider moving to your side of the pond, thinking “politics isn’t much better there, but at least it will be less stressful to us that it’s not our own any more”.


We are all in the same boat me finks Wabbit.

If you are coming to the UK, come to Scotland. We love to show our country to our American kin.

It is truly beautiful, and all within a days drive.


A daughter of one of my best friends is getting her masters in Edinburgh, I may just take you up on that.


Don’t believe him Blandy. I live across town from him and we haven’t met once.



Edinburgh is a beautiful city, full of history and murderous intrigue. And the odd junkie as Trainspotting will remind you.

I suppose we elevate what we covet, I love Edinburgh. The pubs especially. It is atmospheric to say the least.


Scots are pretty attractive as well. I bet that beard could tickle in all the fun places.


Back to master race. It’s sort of hurts to post this right after Mr. McGregor.