Maybe the best question that's been asked of Kavanaugh


Kamala Harris asked him if he knew of any “laws that the government has power to make over the male body?”

Bam! She was on it. Check and mate, buddy.


So another male bashing bitch or does just want the makeover to include bigger cock and tongues


That’s male bashing to you?

Get back in your motherfucking tent. Now!




STOP making up bullshit and quote it correctly

not make over - make decisions - whole diff thing

we need fucking standards here

I can write them

you too - leghumper


Wow, all this over a dropped word?

I await your next whining about spellkoppery


Keep waitin leghumper


Now kiddies, play nice.


Dats high maint there



Yer unhinged

Maybe Omarosa shoulda interviewed you for her book


Old White men have been telling Woman they must carry babies and what forms of birth control they can have for eons. Her point is how much legislation is on the books controlling a mans choices for his body?


It’s a fucked up question - fer real


What if Congress was majority female and you were one of those poor souls that actually needs Viagra due some health issue and they outlawed it, would you be OK with that?


Oppression is pretty fucked up as well.



Did someone slip estrogen in yer tea?


“And I said nothing, for I am not a woman…”


Why are you for the oppression of women?


No, why would you say that?

You do realize these hearings are all scripted bullshit - this was decided long ago

why even fucking bother to watch - both parties are scum - one a little less then the other but not much


I’m not watching because they are a show.

It doesn’t mean that Kavanaugh can’t wait to lord over the repeal of R v W.


They will reverse it - bookmark it

Wait to see the rage when the CC mother fuckers find out their 16 YO cannot get an abortion