Meat eaters have a guilty conscious that's why they hate on vegans


the vegan haters anyways… Meat is Murder :stuck_out_tongue:



(No offense, I just like this meme)


lol but you don’t even have to tell anyone you’re vegan, meat eaters just hear the word vegan and get hostile…


I eat meat and don’t have a problem with vegans. People can eat whatever the hell they want as far as I’m concerned.


Chickens and cows are mostly vegan, so I guess I have a vegan diet also.


Meat makes me ill…don’t even miss it really… I could go for a nice burger on the grill occasionally… but that’s about it.

Here’s the deal with meat vs vegetables… if you eat meat the animals have to eat shitloads of plant matter to create their meat, so what happens is all of the environmental toxins which are everywhere to some extent no matter what get concentrated into that meat…


So you’re saying eating plant matter is the problem because it taints the meat, so you’d rather eat the plant matter yourself and avoid the filters?


Plants don’t like being eaten either. They can’t run like animals so they produce toxins of their own to discourage being eaten.

That’s why so many plants on earth are poisonous and even the ones we eat are often bitter.


By just eating the plant matter itself you’re not getting the heavy concentrations of environmental toxins like you are in the meat.


I used to make a lot of excuses to keep eating the rotten meat too… I understand. :smile:


I eat plants.

And what I say is true, whether you want to laugh or not. It’s all simple biology.


Yep your toxic lettuce is trying to kill ya, better have a pork chop. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sure Billdo, that’s exactly what I said. Why don’t you fix you up a poison ivy salad. With a little balsamic viniagretter, mmmm deelish!




It’s a shortcut - genius really


Ever hear a semi truck full of pigs go by? They used to transport them late at night where I used to live to the slaughterhouse, it was like some concentration camp type shit… for animals… enjoy yer meat. :slight_smile:


LOL, You said taint!


Dem pigs would never have been alive if we did not raise their parents to eat them