Mexicans are terrible people, because they're so dum



Sweet story.


She will only use her brain to smuggle guns and drugs the trumpers will say


and that makes me so frightened and angery!


I would like to see the problems - prolly not easy at all


She’s brown, this just doesn’t add up.


IKR? Fake contest!


This 8 year old chica is gonna take mah jerb!


Where are the math puns? I started it…come on people…


One of the previous tests


Sorry, we got off on a tangent…


Impressive for age of kid and the short time amount to compete.


I wonder if her talent is derivative of her ancestry, or a function of her environment.


I hope the parents did not pay the proctor to skew the results




I bet if we let her in the US she would be well able to integrate into our society.


That would definitely be a plus, if her being here didn’t cause some division and end up being a minus. But I suspect she would do very well here and go forth and multiply.


That nicely sums it up.


Unless Trump continues to play to the lowest common denominator.


That’s so much better. I knew you guys would find a cute angle!