Mexico's Alvaro Beltran lies down after breaking a glass panel of the racquetball court during his Gold Medal Match against Mexico's Rodrigo Montoya during the Pan Am Games in Lima


I used to play this game - I don’t know how he broke the glass

The guy I played cud hit the ball one inch above the floor at prolly over 100 - I never beat him - never


I moved into this semi swanky apt that had racket ball courts, I’d never played but I went and practiced on my own enough to start thinking I was getting it figured out and that it might not be too embarrassing to play someone, so the next day this chubby little older dude sticks his head in the door and asks if I wanna play, that fat little fuck had me running back and forth slamming into the walls and diving swats at the ball etc, while he just stood in a very small circle and barely moved and literally ran me ragged.


Yeah, that’s how it works

you was crazier then a fly on a hot rock thinking otherwise

My friend cud hit the ball an inch off the floor and the people he played would hit to the other side of the court almost on the floor and he would get to that side and do the same to them - unfucking real

I actually saw him break racquet balls


That’s not good. Looks like he avoided the pile for the most part


He got up and was treated, finished the match but never really recovered.



Why don’t they use safety glass I dunno


And for toppers he kept a big grin on his face as he shouted encouragement at me as i’m skidding face first on the deck…“You’re really good, don’t be so hard on yourself, that was a good face plant”




Not a good teacher then? Jus a prick


what seems to be the disconnect


It is safety glass tempered 1/2 thick - it’s almost impossible to break


I thought safety glass also broke into pieces that didn’t cut. The fact that A) he broke it and B) he got lacerations, made me think, possibly incorrectly, that it wasn’t safety glass.


It’s safety glass - look up on yer goog what’s it’s made of - safety glass breaks like that - even car windows - tons of little pieces

I’ve seen 275 pound guys hit it very hard and bounce off - hundreds of times - cause I used to play a lot

it’s fuckiing unreal how strong it is - fuck, a club wud be out of business in 3 hours if it was not