Michigan Politician helps repeal Motorcycle Helmet Law: Dies in Motorcycle wreck (Pro Tip, it's even funnier since he's a cawn)



Authorities are not sharing many details other than the 61-year-old lawmaker was riding a motorcycle on M-33 in northern Michigan’s Montmorency County, Michigan Radio reported. It is not known if he was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

Sixty one. Older riders are dying in greater numbers, too. So he had the double whammy of being an old fart motorcyclist who also refused to wear a helmet.

What a cuck.


Free to die of head injury.

…Liberty, y’all.

PS: Finally he was free to die. Free to die his way.



He was doing what he loved.


And how do you know it would have made a difference?

Did he die of a head injury

get back in yer tent