Tray of Buckwheat microgreens sprouting…

Radish (front) and Arugula micros sprouting…


Are you aiming for radishes, or just the greens?


Just the greens, most of this stuff only takes about 10 days to grow.


Microgreen seed densities per flat

Sunflower - 150-170 grams
Most brassicas, mustards, kale, broccoli - 20 Grams
Swiss Chard - 200ml of seed - sprinkle a little soil on top.
Cilantro - 30-35 grams
Red Russian Kale - 24 grams - 8 grams for baby leaf
Pak Choi/Bok Choi - 15 grams
Basil - 12 grams


Good little microgreens guide here from the guy with the video above… just planted my first tray of Sunflower shoots, 130 grams of seed.

Buckwheat, after a day of light

Radish Micros

Arugula Microgreens

Kale Microgreens just sprouting…


Sunflower shoot microgreens, I kind of botched the germination a little, fan too close to it dried one side of the tray out.

I’ll probably harvest all of these sometime this week, waiting for more of the hulls to fall off this tray of buckwheat first… and for the other greens to get a little bigger.



Arugula - tastes like arugula

Radish - spicy, tastes like radish.


Chopped that buckwheat and got 180 grams out of the tray, kind of a pain in the ass because a lot of the seed hulls didn’t fall off. Pretty good in some salad though.


Sunnies - sunflower shoot micros, now these would be the easiest to grow, best yielders and probably easiest to sell it seems to me, they taste like a sweet sunflower seed. I’ll probably harvest this tray later today.


330 grams off the tray of sunflower shoots, about 120 grams less than I’m after, maybe let them go a couple more days…




I’ve been really interested in growing some money, can’t print it but you can grow it. :slight_smile:

I know a restaurant that would probably take 5+ trays of these a week and probably as much lettuce as I could get them. Been tilling up more space, next year I hope to have the backyard transformed into long rows of $$$…


I think this is what I’m going to order for packaging small packs of micros…

and some of these for cherry tomatoes etc.