Mid-term stunt



*2000 troops to train and assist others who are fighting ISIS. I also doubt that number considering I dont think theres a published number.

Also, why are you against the caravan? You think we should bring all these American hating, violent people into our country?

Why can’t Mexico take them? Or Canada? Or literally any other country. :roll_eyes:


I say send them home and force you and the other trumpsters to work all the shit jobs they work. Most of them are just wanting a job… don’t see where you’re getting this “violent american hating bullshit” that sounds more like you trumptards. :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly. Like I said it’s a stunt to rile up the racists. There’s no invasion. We apprehended 310k people crossing the border last year alone.

These people are travelling in caravans to protect them from the drug cartels, human traffickers, and probably the Mexican police.

Americans that scream about these poor people are pussies and morons


Mexico did offer them to stay - try to keep up


I only want people in America who love America.

How are you gonna try to catch asylum or be a refugee or whatever and hate the country you’re going to?


Who sez they hate the country? cheeto?

you grow more fucked up everyday

I hope 40 million come just to piss you off


Their signs :man_shrugging::man_facepalming:


Can’t fix stupid.


He must have fox on in one ear

and hannity in the other

24 fucking 7



Love it!


Except I don’t watch either

It’s called using logical thinking… why should we allow people who hate America to enter the US? Why should we allow violent people into the US?

Immigrants should stay in Mexico until they’re ether vetted in or sent back home, one by one. And if Mexico doesn’t like that, they shouldn’t have let them in their country.


Where did you get this hate America thing from?


A very dark place, where light may have never been.


Pay attention, now.


Damn… how you gonna call that caravan dark people. That’s racist


Speaking of logic, why would hundred’s or maybe even thousands of people that all hate Merica, risk their and and their children’s lives walking all the fckn way through the deserts of Mexico, just for the slim chance of being granted admission to the United States, especially after being given the welcome mat in 2 of Mexico’s states?


He has lost it - sad - really


I haven’t seen any signs among the caravan migrants. I don’t know what the hell the mental midget is referring to at all.

Because people walking a couple thousand miles are going to carry protest signs with them. I have yet to see a video clip or photograph with these signs.

How about you?