Mid-term stunt


I’ve only seen a couple pics of some of them carrying flags, BFD.


Do these flags say “I hate America”?


No, I think they were National Flags, like a group announcing, “Hey Hondura’s is in the house!”




That’s probably every bit as tough of a challenge as almost any SOF hazing class.


Obviously inspired by ISIS!


If there are bad signs they were shopped by cons

I would like to put boro in that group with dirty clothes and no money and blistered feet - that would knock the fucking con out of him

He is a con - cons love fucking misery as long as it is not them or theirs - it is their lifeblood

this is a fact


Better a mental midget than a physical elephant.




I don’t mind them coming in, but its obviously a ploy of some sort to all come at once. One might call it an invasion.

Vet them. If they are unacceptable, send them home. Diversity is absolutely great- no problems with it. I do, however, have problems with violent, criminal type people.


Link to anyone suggesting we just let anyone and everyone through the gate? Do you think it will cost less to house these people in Trump’s Tent Cities, or let them find meaningful employment, like in the construction business or agricultural areas that are hurting for workers?


Well you kinda need a social security number to have a job, huh… :thinking:


So after these people survive the Q course, we should throw them into internment camps, because The Donald needs an enemy?


But I thought Trumpsters were all about playing the system your own way, like Trump did to help his dad evade millions in taxes…


Oh and it’s mostly cheap labor republicans that hire them which is why they come here… another fact that republicans can’t admit. lol


You just got yer ass handed to you Boro

Almost as bad as a Tesla short


Ask the Trumps where all the foreign “special visa” workers their ventures hire get their SS#'s


To Wit

Cue, “but dats leagle!” in 3,2,1…

You ever hear the phrase, “If you’re going to talk the talk, you should also walk the…”?


Lmao… I dont care who hires who… I’m not a con nor do I care about Trump. You’re grasping for straws and can’t admit you lost.

I’ll say it again, Mexico should hold them until they can be vetted. If they’re “good enough” to become an American, welcome aboard. If they’re one of the violent piece of shits that many of the people are, they get no admittance.


What % of them are your sources telling you, are just violent thugs hellbent on raping American Men and Woman?


They’re not exactly civilized people.


You’re welcome for being the facts machine here. :man_shrugging: it’s an honor to be the voice of reason in an echo chamber.