Mid-term stunt


How many of them are shooting black people because they’re black, or jews because they’re jews and sending bombs in the mail? And we’re “civilized”.

I’ll wait for someone to provide an honest answer.


I bet all the Honduran women will be constantly calling the police on Merican women, when they get here!


No doubt!


Luckily we don’t have to worry about those people- only the ones entering.

Also, @Oak, I know you know this, but theres a 90% chance a black man will get shot by another black man. Only 10% chance a black man will get shot by a white man, BUT a white man’s chance of getting shot by the “opposite race” is higher at almost 16%. But that’s another topic, nice derail… do you ever stay on topic? Especially when you’re losing? Nope.



So uh… :man_shrugging: you gonna tell me I’m right yet? I mean I already know I am, so it’s okay if you don’t want to.


Show us the signs.


Maybe your chance of getting shot is a little higher because you’re a shitbag?


He couldn’t see the light.


It’s all white people, including you


And nah, I’m the one here who believes in following due process, equal rights and so forth


Excluding the asylum process for refugees, apparently.


How is vetting them “wrong”?
Equal rights is putting them through the same process as everyone else… derp.


^^^ It seems you’ve already vetted them with your due process.


You missed the part where I said “welcome aboard” if they’re basically not criminals. But regardless, I’m not an official authority figure and I’ve won this debate, so


So then why am I not scared like you are? :slight_smile:


I’m sure the two black folks killed at Kroger’s last week were phantom racial murders, as were the Jews in PA.

The link between the topics is the term “civilized”.


LMAO of course you’d twist my words.


Can you show me how I’m scared? Why do you think wanting to keep borders secure makes me scared? Show me one country that survived without borders

ALSO, to get back on topic.

Can anyone tell me why you libs think this is okay?


Why do you hate the 2A?


Funny I saw this sorry, but without the guns and the bombs and the storming.

I suspect you choose your news sources based on the added sensationalism.


But seriously, I have restarted my tactical training regimen, just for this very purpose.