Military: Biggest Threat At Border Is Right Wing Militias, Not Asylum Seekers -



If the militianuts throw a rock, shoot to kill.


POTUS did establish that rock throwing falls under the rules of engagement


There is ZERO reason any civilians (immigrants or US citizens) should be on the border.


What if they are wanting to cross? That’s a reason.


Then they should go about it legally. I guarantee these fake militia arenr hanging out at legit crossing areas. They’d be arrested. They’re at known coyote passings and illegal crossing areas.


So much for ZERO reason.


220 million spent on military that sees no threat


Deficits don’t matter if the POTUS and Congress has R’s after their names.


Oh, I read recently that R’s are OUTRAGED and ASTONISHED byt the deficit they created.


Can you link me how much Obama took off the defecit?


Don’t even go there.


Don’t we need to figure which deficit? The annual budget and the national debt where years of deficits are put on the card.

Important to distinguish between the 2


Way cromulent point Ma’am.


Am I your clerk now? Go look it up yourself and tell me what point you’re trying to make. LOL that cliff is yours to jump off of.


Intern not clerk

good one!

LOL at that one


Yes you are.

Obama didnt shed any of the deficit. Fact.

Don’t say it’s only the Rs when the Ds do it, too.


Obama inherited a fucking disaster - but I don’t wanna confuse you with facts


He did.

And he didnt do anything to fix it.


Are you speaking of the deficit, which is an annual figure (and if so, which year?)
Or are you talking about the national debt, in which case the cliff still awaits.